Trion Nemesis ahoy – check the road ahead – don’t look back!

Hypercar Trion Nemesis - front profile view

Trion’s hyper-car Nemesis (goddess of divine retribution)

Boasting a price tag of $1 million/2000 horsepower/8 speeds/270 miles per hour/ 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, US hypercar maker Trion wants the Nemisis to leave everyone in the dust.

The only time you will see  a front view of this ‘rocket on wheels’ will be a for a fleeting moment via you rear view mirror. Chances are you will be be transfixed, which won’t help your driving.

We made this photo so you can cognize the Nemisis’ amazing profile at your leisure without craning your neck, or drifting out of lane.


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