Multi Mini Clubman

Rule 1: Because ‘only God is perfect’, the artist must make deliberate mistakes in their work. This rule has been traditionally associated with hand¬†woven¬†rugs.

This tapestry- like image contains a lot of deliberate imperfections, but ‘the creator’ has nothing to do with that.

Patterns and repetition are effective in attracting the eye, but it soon tires of too much mathematical perfection and symmetry. This idea here was to try to ‘have ones cake and eat it’

The image avoids ‘closure’ and visual boredom because the spaces between the perfectly symmetrical vehicle profiles are variable (and only partly readable). This image needs to be seen large for best effect.

Oh, and Rule1 never made sense to me. Surely, the person who made the rule was impudent and seeking way too much perfection.

Mini Clubman

Mini Clubman wallpaper



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