The Beast and the Beauty

To prove itself – with a heavy duty workhorse truck, such as the 2017 Ford Super Duty – you would expect the message and photo brief to be “The Beast and the Ugly’. Meaning; the ugliest, dirtiest and most macho of industrial environments. But the times, they are a changing!,

Apart from the new super stiff light-alloy construction, at its core, along with the new pampering luxury interior, the exterior is changing too. Most notably the new LED headlamps, a redesigned, powerful front end (with a ton of reflective chrome), described by one observer as ‘almost futuristic’. Seen from this angle the new styling changes are unmistakable. It looks similar to earlier models, from other angles.

Meantime, some are happy to see brand continue to ‘green’ a bit – and be seen to be  ‘in harmony’ with ‘something quite pretty’, for a change.


Philip Chudy – new image – The Beast and the Beauty – 2017 Ford Super Duty



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