Chalk But No Cheese quadriptych (and groceries) – 6 new free range high resolution stacked still life images

Continuing my ongoing Familiar Objects series – featuring extraordinary high fidelity gallery print images glorifying ‘everyday’ items – this ¬†gallery features a couple of new traditional food/kitchen images (tomatoes and garlic/onion).

But a quadriptych featuring chalk crayons, marks a stylistic departure for me.

Close up reveals the extraordinary detail of these images

Close up reveals the extraordinary detail of these images

Image 2 of a quadriptych 'Chalk but no Cheese'

Image 2 of a quadriptych ‘Chalk But No Cheese’

I am not a fan of ‘conceptual’ images, nor of ‘image series”.

For me, irrespective of whether it’s Fine Art of advertising: a great concept – which can be described – should just be described. It should not be illustrated as an afterthought.

Nor am I a fan of photographing Art objects and presenting a photo of the Art rather than the Art object itself directly to the audience.

I put most of that aside in this case partly because what was photographed was an object in transformation. Crushing the crayons transformed and destroyed them and photography recorded the process.

I enjoyed making the image. Only time will tell whether I value them especially.

The images are intended for large high resolution prints. A couple of detail shots are included in the gallery to stimulate a sense of seeing the images ‘larger than life’.



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