Fireworks on the Bay (from the Bay) and New Bay Bridge from it’s nether regions (65 photos)

SF Bay Area 2017 New Year fireworks on the Bay (65 photos)

A front seat on the New Year display and a jaunt thereafter to cruise under the New Bay Bridge following a course which took us into restricted areas which others would avoid.

Before the fireworks begins the area is chaotic with many boats positioning themselves for the best view. The coast guard are busy chasing everyone off to a safe distance from the pyrotechnics barge.

Although the fireworks generate light there is no option to shoot from a tripod on a rocking boat – so increasing the ISO on the camera to astronomical limits was the only solution to hand held photos.

2017 New Year fireworks on the Bay

The spectacular explosive crescendo over we went round Treasure Island to check out the some not go areas around the New Bay Bridge.

As it happens our skipper who powered the 600 house power survey boat has recently done GPS ocean floor mapping of the entire area and knew which precise areas were free from the large barge anchor blocks and cables. Barges with cranes (etc) need to be securely positioned for work on the new bridge and the underwater infrastructure to achieve this is a threat to passing boats.

It was way darker there – you can see that in the grainy images.

The rump of the New Bay Bridge.

Finally back to Sausolito at 45 knots. In totally flat conditions this boat can reach 52 knots (60 mph)


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