Special zoomable gallery for super high fidelity ‘banal objects’ photo series (75 pictures)


This new gallery is exciting because it includes brand new ‘deep zoom’ functionality. The viewer can finally experience extraordinary detail on a web page. This ‘banal objects’ image series could not be better suited to this emerging web technology, relying as heavily as it does on photography with unprecedented detail and fidelity.

The featured images have been presented under various guises such as ‘roadkill’, ‘familiar objects’ and ‘surreal still life’ in the year or so I have been producing them. Despite some change in direction with work, it all flirts with banality and shares a common fascination with scale. I have enjoyed seeing and presenting everyday objects in ways which are beyond our normal experience.

All of the images are designed to be seen as large hyper detailed prints on gallery walls. But there has always been a big disconnect between looking at online imagery as opposed to viewing quality print in the form of posters, or large high fidelity gallery prints. This gallery cannot substitute for that ‘one to one’ experience but I think it goes some way to bridge the gap.

The madness of coding this (with Zoomify’s latest HTML5 software) was justified because the common thread of all the images in this series is astonishing resolution and depth of field. This was achieved photographically by digitally combining hundreds of images of each image with a meticulousness and patience matched only by that required for capturing the digital images in the first place.

The technology (both photographically and web) cannot be fully separated from the ‘message’ but in essence, the narrative is common to a lot of Art, namely ‘here are incredibly unimportant grubby objects and things presented to you full fanfare, as if they were a royal treasure trove: go ahead – find that funny! (or something).


Detail and the complete bottle image


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