A parody on advertising: 11 new super high-fidelity, banal, still life images.

http://philipchudy.com/galleries/leavesETC/#1  see 11 images

Crushed Foster Grants off the edge of the highwayh

This common threads to this batch of images is that they were all created in roughly a common time frame and scale, are all similarly super high resolution (up to 400 megapixels) and that they all adhere to the bland/banal documentary/forensic style long established as ‘product style’ in the advertising industry. Also the gallery is fully Zoom-able – meaning you can see the finest details of the originals in the linked gallery by zooming in on them.

A common thread distinguishing them from their polished commercial cousins (the preened idealized product image) is that they are all imperfect/dirty, verging on unhygienic (even).

Leaf skeleton

Obviously that was intentional and, repeating what I said many times in my blog:  a large part of the brief is to promote a sense of ‘larger than life scale’ based on larger than life levels of detail.

Detail at this level tends to be retouched out in most comparable commercial images because no one wants us to notice imperfections in the products which vendors are trying to get us to buy.  These images start out parodying the advertising image but hopefully the engender wonder as well.


used/disposable sauce cap


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