AMG Mercedes C63 CS Turbo – 21 pics – Out and about and above the clouds




Because it looks not a lot like your traditional super car, unless you are ‘automotively’ savvy (primed to respond to all the subtle cues and badges)  this vehicle, deserves a second look.

‘500 HP, O-60 mph in 3.7 seconds’ starts to get your attention in all likelihood.

Okay, on the basis of its similarity to other more mundane models it might not turn heads at the local mall. Perhaps you need to rev up the throaty engine for a bit of theater.

But for those who in the know, the C63 CS has a lofty identity. As such, it seemed appropriate to photograph it on location, high above the clouds. And so we did.

Natural light photography, mood and sunsets are the enemy of the good clear automotive product shot (and the client who wants to see each detail of their vehicle even when it should be hidden in deep shadows). But, rules are meant to be broken.

This gallery (21 pictures) is not a tight edit and has a few environmental non-car pics thrown in for effect.

At the end of the day: nice car, nice views, nice company, nice shoot.




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