Summer Fairs update – 4th July San Rafael Fair 2017 gallery (76 photos)

Summer Fairs Series – San Rafael, 4th July 2017
(76 photos)

Strictly speaking, these are not just photos from the 4th. They include photographs also shot on the evening of the 2nd.

The fair was not as crowded on the 2nd, but based on previous experience, that was a good thing. ‘Too many people’ means that every few seconds someone walks in front of your lens and obscures the subject.

But bigger crowds mean more dust and more figures in the frame which is nice too.  This year, on the spur of the moment I headed out a second time (on the 4th) to take advantage of both options.

Street photography is to some extent a kind of a test of concentration and awareness in a complex changing scene.

I was also curious to see whether I would be more immersed; whether my brain was primed to sense more subtle or complex scenes; whether I would produce different or better pics with the experience of the first day behind me (and post-producing in between).

Summer Fairs Series – San Rafael, 4th July 2017

An interesting experiment I guess, but thus far I don’t have anything to say about that.

My first thought is to consider each photo on its own merits. hoping that it might stand alone, with minimal context.

Being a juggler means having to practice every day and certainly one does better when the whole psyche is involved.

But photography is not just about muscle memory – it is also about surprise.

So it is complex and I am not yet sure what happened on that level. Perhaps I will never understand the dynamic.

Summer Fairs Series – San Rafael, 4th July 2017


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