‘Familiar Objects’ fine art project – 9 new ultra high fidelity, zoomable, banal, rustic images

http://philipchudy.com/blog/?p=2011http://www.philipchudy.com/galleries/NewZoomimages   (9 new images)

This gallery is a loose collection of recently completed images in the ‘Familiar Objects’  series. ‘Familiar Objects’ is an ongoing project featuring unprecedented high fidelity/resolution  images, often in the hundreds of megapixels range. Whereas at first glance these images look like lose grab shots from a phone camera, on closer inspection they are massively different to what can be achieved by regular single frame photography regardless of how high end the capture device is.

These images are designed to be displayed as large exhibition prints and are intended to surprise not only by being banal and featuring stuff we would not normally admire but also by playing with our regular sense of scale. Zoomify  software permits each of these images to be explored on screen by permitting dramatic zooming. Click on ‘deep zoom/explore’ in the gallery Hopefully this gives a sense of what these look like printed large.

They were not shot as a series so the is a degree of incongruity. If stylistic matching is important they are visible in the complete project gallery  here  (75 images).

The raison d’etre for this project is described at various points in this blog. For example here.

The new images have depth of field which defies that which is possible within the limitations of photo optics. This is achieved by stacking. The toothpaste image below for example required 300 captures and is a 200 megapixel image. Others are similar.





















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