Baying around, retro style (26 new images) (26 new images)

I feel the need to apologize in advance: this set of digital images were intended to evoke a quasi 80s cinematic feel – – meaning day for night, mal-processed film with dropped shadows and so on. In other words, somewhat of a desperate 35mm Kodachrome film feel, much sought after by those shooting moving images on negative color stock.

The 80’s saw San Francisco Bay environs paired with some ‘creative photography’ forming a significant part of cinematic lexicon of the time.


All of this bunch were taken on the move, whether while walking and talking – or out of a moving car window. Looking back, the 80’s was all about action and relocation.

Shooting on the move was much harder in the bad old film days and hence images, even mal exposed ones were treated more reverentially than they would nowadays. Extra efforts were made to seek artistry in whatever accidents you came home with  – – and that was the name of the game.


There is something criminal in taking the same approach in this digital age – especially when the images were brought home on a memory card and carefully post produced. But, what the hell.


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