Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Poster 2011

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2011 poster by Claude Shade  - retouching Philip Chudy

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2011 poster

Another year, another very satisfying and fun project: helping Claude Shade (Goodby Silverstein) with technical and retouching work on his frequently sought after poster for this event.

HSBG series of free concerts in Golden Gate Park, which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors over a few days. The poster is not advertising, it is a gift. It is solely made band members and the staff who work on the festival. This year it featured no less than 90 world class bands.

It is a crime to even try to namedrop a few but hey – go ahead – arrest me. Without referring to the list, this year – –  Robert Plant, Earl Scruggs, Gillian Welch, Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard are names which have rise to the top for me. Determined fans can go here for a comprehensive list.

Claude’s unique cowboy style copy setting. both for the poster and the T-shirt proved a daunting task in itself with so many bands – not least deciding on placement and priority. The text is too small to read on the enclosed jpeg but believe!  –  everyone is there somewhere.

People ask where they can buy a copy of the poster. The answer I always give is simple  –  “you can’t”


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